About Us


  Who is Root Beauty?  

Root Beauty is a homegrown natural, organic skin care business born out of a desire to help my fellow human beings live a less toxic existence.  Founded in the busy urban streets of  Los Angeles, we are a company that seeks to help you find a more simple, natural, organic way to care for your skin.

  Why did I start Root Beauty? 

To quote the famous philosopher Plato “Necessity, who is the mother of invention.  I started to read the labels on the “natural” skin care products that I was applying to my face and body and realized that I could not read over half the chemicals on the back of the bottles.   For years I have been eating organic and been extremely particular about what I ingest but I was not caring for my largest organ – my skin.  I was applying toxic chemicals without a second thought.   I began researching the healing power of essential oils and benefits of natural oils that have been used for centuries by women around the world.  For years I created products for myself and friends and family but never thought about selling them, I just wanted toxic chemical free skin care for myself. 

  Where we are located?  

We are based in Los Angeles, CA

  How long have we been in business? 

We recently launched our on-line store, but we have been making natural skin care products for years.