• Roxanne T. in Pasadena , CA

    My husband and I have both been using Root Beauty for about the last  year. We’ve used the regular and sensitive formula and feel both are much better than ANY other deodorants you can find in the marketplace. We’ve both used various products, natural and not natural and feel that Root Beauty is the best. Most natural deodorants just cover up the smell and require reapplication throughout the day, I’ve never had to reapply Root Beauty deodorant and always feel fresh until the time I go to bed.
    Root Beauty doesn’t just work for your everyday use it also works during strenuous activity as well. My husband has used it with success during 15-20 mile bike rides and had no need to reapply.
    I’ve recommended Root Beauty to friends who have complained about other natural deodorants and now everyone is hooked.  While the price seems much higher than other deodorants, it’s 100% worth it.
    Roxanne T 

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