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  • New York City, remembering 9/11 and cherishing friendship

    We just got back form NYC and as today is the anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, I thought I would take a moment to both reflect and give thanks. Eleven years ago today, I was working on a film that we had shot in NYC. We wrapped the final sound mix around 4 a.m. on September 11. Exhausted and grateful to be finished, I crawled into bed. Only a few hours later my phone started ringing-- first my mobile then my home. I couldn't imagine what my boss might possibly need since we had wrapped so late. My mobile phone...

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  • Toys that change the world and why I LOVE Tegu Blocks

      So, I just met my nephew Jack for the first time last night after arriving home from Honduras. Therefore, this will be a toy/global impact themed entry.  This falls into the category of products I love for so many reason.  Tegu is a company that not only makes amazing toys that your children can play with care-free, it's a company that cares.   They care about their impact on the environment: They care about their employees:  They care about their community: They offer premium products for your kids to play with without fear. There aren't a million tiny pieces they can...

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