Urban Hippie / non-toxic deodorant

  • Top 10 chemicals to avoid in skin care products

      Here is my top 10 list of chemicals to avoid in skin care products. The list could be longer, but you'll be lucky if you can remember the top three. I know it's complicated and overwhelming when you first realize that the majority of the products you use for personal care, skin care, make-up, deodorant, soap, etc. contain many of these chemicals. I have also listed the EWG score. EWG stands for Environmental Working Group. It's a comprehensive data base that rates many skin care products and chemicals for their toxicity level. The scale is 0-10, 0 being the...

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  • How to apply Root Beauty's natural, organic deodorant

       Here are some basics steps for applying our deodorant. 1. Put a small amount on your fingers.  (Remember if the room is cold the deodorant might be a little hard, just scrape a little out and it will melt right in your hands or fingers.) 2. Apply to underarm. Rub in well, the coconut oil will melt right into your underarm.  3. If you get any clumping, as seen below, you might have either put too  much on or not rubbed it in enough. Remove excess and enjoy a day free from odor! 

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  • Be an urban hippie, don't smell like one! Use our natural organic deodorant

    Are you tired of your natural deodorant failing halfway through the day? Are you tired of salt crystals not living up to their claims? Do you want a natural organic deodorant that actually works? Well, look no further.  Much like you, I was looking for something to prevent my 4 p.m. under arm hippie smell. I would spritz myself with body spray to reduce the odor, but it never worked. I would carry a stick of deodorant in my purse and reapply. But once the smell began there was not much I could to to cover it up. My only...

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