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  • Non-toxic cleaner for greasy pots and pans

    This is a simple way to eliminate chemicals from your kitchen. I use very few cleaning products in my kitchen (or my house for that matter). I looked for a good alternative to clean my stainless steel pots and pans and was very happy to discover that baking soda is a miracle worker on grease and grim! Check out how effective it is on this greasy pan.  

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  • 5 simple non-toxic ideas for cleaning your house

    Baking soda & white vinegar can be used in so many ways when it comes to cleaning your house. Here are few ways that I personally use them: Clean Skins and Tub. Sprinkle it in your skin or tub and scrub the scum and dirt away. I like to add a little tea tree oil or lemon oil as an added disinfectant. (Store in a Mason jar or peanut butter jar.) Remove baked-on food off of pots and pans. It’s great for getting baked-on grime off of pans and dishes. Just sprinkle baking soda in the pan, add a little water or...

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  • Dry cleaning conviction and cancer

    The name of the blog is Urban Hippie and sometimes I am more Urban than Hippie.  I like modern conveniences. I like "services" that the city provides. I like dropping of my husband's shirts and my dresses to my very friendly dry cleaner and having them come back pressed and beautiful with no effort from me whatsoever. However, this weekend as I removed my organic silk dress from its plastic wrapping and was bombarded with the smell of chemical solvent, I was convicted. My ORGANIC SILK dress reeked of chemicals. Do you not find that as ironic as I do?...

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