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  • New York City, remembering 9/11 and cherishing friendship

    We just got back form NYC and as today is the anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, I thought I would take a moment to both reflect and give thanks. Eleven years ago today, I was working on a film that we had shot in NYC. We wrapped the final sound mix around 4 a.m. on September 11. Exhausted and grateful to be finished, I crawled into bed. Only a few hours later my phone started ringing-- first my mobile then my home. I couldn't imagine what my boss might possibly need since we had wrapped so late. My mobile phone...

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  • New York, New York & 3 ways to make exercise easier

    I landed in NYC very early this morning after taking the red-eye from Los Angeles. I was tired even though I slept the entire flight (it was only about four hours). However, I mustered up the energy to drop my bags at the location we are staying and head to yoga at Yoga Works Union Sq. I decided to push the desire to sleep and motivated myself to exercise. Exercise is vital not only to our health but also for our skin.  3 ways to make exercise easier: 1. Do something you enjoy. Don't make it work. If you like...

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