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  • Exercise for better skin

    This past weekend I had the opportunity to head into the mountains to backpack with a few friends. It was great to get out of the city and into the fresh mountain air. We hiked about six miles and set up camp just off Cottonwood Lake #1. (There are 6 lakes.)   Exercise is great way to better your skin. Here are few ways exercise can improve your complexion: SWEAT  Sweat is your body's way of purging toxins. This process can help unclog your pores and prevent future blemishes. OXYGEN  When you exercise, you increase oxygen and blood flow to...

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  • New York, New York & 3 ways to make exercise easier

    I landed in NYC very early this morning after taking the red-eye from Los Angeles. I was tired even though I slept the entire flight (it was only about four hours). However, I mustered up the energy to drop my bags at the location we are staying and head to yoga at Yoga Works Union Sq. I decided to push the desire to sleep and motivated myself to exercise. Exercise is vital not only to our health but also for our skin.  3 ways to make exercise easier: 1. Do something you enjoy. Don't make it work. If you like...

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  • Let the games gegin! (Olympics 2012 in London)

      I am not a huge sports fan, however, I LOVE when the Olympics roll around every two years! I love the tears that stream down the faces of the most hardened athletes when the gold metal is placed around their necks. I love hearing the incredible stories of so many men and women who have dedicated years of their lives to this one moment when they will either win it all or walk away with an incredible experience. I love the anticipation you feel when an athlete stands at the end of the diving board, when he takes his...

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