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  • Healthy alternatives to junk food snacks (for kids)

      If you have small children, you've probably been here before: it's the witching hours-- the time that falls between after-school and dinner. The kids are hungry, as evidenced by little hands rifling through the pantry. You don't want to offer them another carbohydrate (how many goldfish crackers can one kid consume?) but you're short on healthy alternatives.  Here are some tips on getting your kids to snack better (quick, easy, simple-- what every parent needs): * Frozen fruits: freeze grapes, chunks of mango and watermelon, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, etc. Chop a bunch of fruit beforehand and keep in the...

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  • Toys that change the world and why I LOVE Tegu Blocks

      So, I just met my nephew Jack for the first time last night after arriving home from Honduras. Therefore, this will be a toy/global impact themed entry.  This falls into the category of products I love for so many reason.  Tegu is a company that not only makes amazing toys that your children can play with care-free, it's a company that cares.   They care about their impact on the environment: They care about their employees:  They care about their community: They offer premium products for your kids to play with without fear. There aren't a million tiny pieces they can...

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