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  • Healthy alternatives to junk food snacks (for kids)


    If you have small children, you've probably been here before: it's the witching hours-- the time that falls between after-school and dinner. The kids are hungry, as evidenced by little hands rifling through the pantry. You don't want to offer them another carbohydrate (how many goldfish crackers can one kid consume?) but you're short on healthy alternatives. 

    Here are some tips on getting your kids to snack better (quick, easy, simple-- what every parent needs):

    * Frozen fruits: freeze grapes, chunks of mango and watermelon, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, etc. Chop a bunch of fruit beforehand and keep in the freezer. You'll be amazed how much your kids (and you!) will love this easy, delicious snack. Mother Nature's popsicle!

    *Baked kale chips: These are delicious and so much better for you than potato chips. Click here for a simple recipe. Also try baked sweet potato fries

    *Peanut butter celery sticks: Spread your kids' favorite peanut butter (we like Justin's Organic Honey Peanut Butter) on pre-cut celery sticks. You can also use apples.

    *Anything on a kabob: Sliced fruit, cheese cubes, even large chunks of veggies. You'd be surprised what your kids will eat if it's on a stick.

    *Pre-packaged smoothies for kids are filled with sugar, high-fructose corn syrup and other artificial ingredients. Opt to make your own at home (then you'll know exactly what's going in them!). Use organic yogurt, fresh berries and frozen sherbert, for example. Click here for more recipes.   

    For more ideas, check out these great articles from Real Simple, Parenting and Babycenter.    


    Article written by Jennifer Cho Salaff


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