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  • Exfoliate! 3 ways to help dry skin this winter


    As someone who often suffers from dry skin (especially in the winter), I sympathize with those struggling this season. We all know the importance of moisturizing and keeping the skin hydrated, but we often forget an important part of skin care-- exfoliation. It's important to clear away dry, dead skin so that your moisturizer can be more fully absorbed by your skin.  

    Here are 3 simple tools to use to exfoliate your face:

    Loofah: Gently scrub face in a circular motion with this natural material.

    Korean Scrub:  These are used in Korean bathhouses and are great at not only exfoliating but can be used all over you body.  I love them! I use one for my face and a separate one for the rest of my body. Again, use a circular motion. You can find these on Amazon.


    Baking Soda: You can make a simple paste with baking soda and water and gently rub into face using light circular motions.

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