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    I know this post doesn't necessarily have to do with skin care, but who we elect has a big influence on the policies that we want to see changed or implemented. 

    We are two weeks from the presidential election and I know you are being bombarded daily with TV advertisements and political pundits telling you who to vote for. I have no political agenda other than to encourage you to VOTE. It's not business to know who or what you are voting for, but I want to beg you to exercise your right and privilege as an American. So go vote!  

    Last night we hosted a voter eduction night at our house. The concept was simple and non-partisan. Here in California we have a lot of propositions on the ballot and they are almost always confusing (on purpose). So last night we gathered voters from various backgrounds and political parties and discussed the propositions. There are 11 propositions on the ballot this year, so we divided and conquered.  Every person took one proposition and presented it to the group. In the interest of time, each person was given five minutes to present and then we (the group) had five minutes to ask questions.

    There was no judgment from the group about how anyone intended to vote on any proposition. We were just a group of people that wanted to be educated about the issues. You still have time to gather a few friends and host a voter education night, just like we did!

    A huge thanks to this amazing group of people for doing their research
    and participating in our night of voter education. 


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