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  • Exercise for better skin

    This past weekend I had the opportunity to head into the mountains to backpack with a few friends. It was great to get out of the city and into the fresh mountain air. We hiked about six miles and set up camp just off Cottonwood Lake #1. (There are 6 lakes.)  

    Exercise is great way to better your skin. Here are few ways exercise can improve your complexion:

    SWEAT  Sweat is your body's way of purging toxins. This process can help unclog your pores and prevent future blemishes.
    OXYGEN  When you exercise, you increase oxygen and blood flow to your skin, which delivers nutrients that can create healthier skin.
    STRESS  Exercise decreases stress levels in the body. The stress hormone cortisol can cause havoc in the body when it's at higher levels for extended periods of time. Cortisol can increase blood pressure and inflammation and decrease muscle and immunity.

    Remember, exercise should be fun. Do something you enjoy. Walk, run, hike or do yoga. Whatever it is that you enjoy, do that! You are far more likely to do it on a regular basis if you actually like doing it.

    Now let me share a little bit of what I enjoyed doing last weekend!


    Cottonwood Lake #1 where we set up camp!

    Our tent.

    Me watching the sunrise from my warm sleeping bag. The overnight lows
    were in the 20s! You can kind of see the frost on the ground.

    Southfork Lake. We hiked here on Sunday and then headed back to the car.

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    • Julie says...

      Beautiful pictures!

      On October 11, 2012

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