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  • "Green" your kitchen with 2 simple steps

    I'm always looking for green, non-toxic and more sustainable ways of doing things. Ironically, I think my continual quest for these "greener" ways of life are causing my grammy to chuckle up in Heaven. I can hear her now: "Silly girl! This is how we always did things before the disposable era."  

    How do you "green" your kitchen? Firstly, NO MORE PAPER TOWELS! I know they are convenient, but they are a habit more than a need. You just need to replace them with something and change the habit. Paper towels aren't cheap and they end up in landfills. So save money and the planet. Here are two simple ideas to help you "green" your kitchen and help you get rid of those paper towels.

    Reusable Extra Absorbent Cloths
    I like Bambooee and Skoy Cloths . They are a great way to wipe up messes and are easy to wash and reuse. Plus, they are super absorbent. Skoy Cloths absorb 15 times their own weight and is 100 percent biodegradable and compostable. According to their website, "Bambooee is made from an organic bamboo source where it is harvested using sustainable and green practices."  

    I love both and use both!


    Flour Sack Towels
    These are also great for replacing paper towels. They can catch whatever is too much for the other cloths. Spills on the floor, drying off wet fruits or veggies or just drying the dishes. These are a great addition to any kitchen and they are inexpensive. I buy them at Smart & Final, but you can also get a 12-pack on Amazon for around $26.  


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