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  • New York City, remembering 9/11 and cherishing friendship

    We just got back form NYC and as today is the anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, I thought I would take a moment to both reflect and give thanks. Eleven years ago today, I was working on a film that we had shot in NYC. We wrapped the final sound mix around 4 a.m. on September 11. Exhausted and grateful to be finished, I crawled into bed. Only a few hours later my phone started ringing-- first my mobile then my home. I couldn't imagine what my boss might possibly need since we had wrapped so late. My mobile phone rang again. It was my friend Darrin calling to let me know that a second plane had flown into the Twin Towers. I ran into my roommates room and switched on her TV and told her to get up. We both watched in horror as the first tower fell. That day was spent glued to the TV with many of our neighbors and friends. We were confused and in tears but huddled together which made us feel more safe and more secure.  

    I had a very good friend from college who lived and worked in NYC. I was desperately praying he was okay. Most of the phones were down, so you had to wait for friends and family to contact you. I remember when I finally talked to him and the description of his long solemn walk home. His description was a NYC devoid of sound, a NYC that had never existed before this moment, a quiet somber city in a state of shock. 

    For all those who lost loved ones in this tragedy and for those who bravely risked their lives to save those trapped, and to those who have now passed on because of exposure to an environment that shortened their lives: we remember you today and thank those who served.  

    This is a photo I took just months before 9/11/01 that now hangs in my hallway:

    And this is my good friend DT who still lives in NYC:


    I am thankful that we as people are so resistant and in spite of pain and tragedy we move forward. This past week while I was in New York, it was vibrant with Fashion Week, the U.S. Open and people wanting to squeeze the last little bit of summer before the rain and snow arrive. I want to share with my trip and the amazing time my husband and I shared in this ever-moving and no longer quiet city.  We also got to spend time with my dear friend DT and his family. Sometimes when we are bogged down with the everyday, we can forget how blessed we in the quiet moments of our lives. Here a few moments from our trip:

    O Cafe on 6th Ave and 12 Street. We found this place and loved their whole
    philosophy. Organic coffee from a environmentally-conscience cafe. If you are
    in the area you should check them out, they have only been open since January.

    We walked up to Union Square Park and drank our coffee there.

    We visited MoMa (The Museum of Modern Art) where I got to sit at an over-sized
    table, see great works by artists like Monet, and find Tegu Blocks in the gift shop.
    (Our friends own the Tegu toy company, if you don't know about them you should
    check them out online.)

    Walk the High Line! If you don't know about this place, you are missing out.
    If you go to New York, you must visit this place. It's an old elevated rail line
    that they have converted to a park (green space). It's right next to the Chelsea Market.

    Our dear friends DT, Heidi and their daughter Holly Anne on The High Line.
    Such a beautiful day filled with wonderful memories.

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