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  • New York, New York & 3 ways to make exercise easier

    I landed in NYC very early this morning after taking the red-eye from Los Angeles. I was tired even though I slept the entire flight (it was only about four hours). However, I mustered up the energy to drop my bags at the location we are staying and head to yoga at Yoga Works Union Sq. I decided to push the desire to sleep and motivated myself to exercise. Exercise is vital not only to our health but also for our skin. 

    3 ways to make exercise easier:

    1. Do something you enjoy. Don't make it work. If you like walking, walk. If you like yoga, do yoga. If you like basketball, play ball. It doesn't matter so much what you do as much as that you are consistent doing it.

    2. Make it easy. Mentally prepare for exercise so you won't put it off. If you like running, put your running shoes by the front door and your running clothes right next to your bed. If you like the gym, pack your work clothes the night before and put your exercise clothes out right next to the bag.

    3. Add activity to your day. If you don't have time to exercise (and let's just be honest, it happens to all of us-- life happens) find ways to add activity to your day. Take the stairs. Park at the end of that parking lot. Do 20 jumping jacks when you have five free minutes. There are plenty of ways to add activity to our day without getting to the gym. Make it a habit and you will find yourself choosing that option on a regular basis even when you do make it to the yoga class. (I live on the 6th floor of our bldg and I take the stairs every day. You can do it!)

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