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  • Natural bug spray that worked in the rainforests of Central America

    My husband can sometimes be a skeptic about my natural products and home remedies. I know he totally believes in me and what I create, but I think like many of us, he has similar doubts when it comes to something new or "natural." How could basic essential oils actually prevent the hungry mosquito of Honduras from some tasty blood like mine? Well, I took my theory into practice this past month   while visiting my friend Cindy in Honduras. Our front porch was swarming with mosquitoes before we took off on a 5.1 mile hike in the rainforest of Panacam. Let me tell you there was no shortage of bugs on the hike. However, I can honestly say I was not bitten by one bug the whole trip. I was bite-free for the entire weekend of rain and hiking.


    "The Recipe"


    • 1 ounce witch hazel
    • 1 ounce grape seed oil
    • 35 drops citronella essential oil
    • 20 drops eucalyptus essential oil
    • 15 drops lemon essential oil
    • 15 drops lemongrass essential oil
    • 15 drops lavender essential oil


    • Combine all ingredients into a small spray bottle 2 oz or larger
    • Shake well before use
    • Reapply often, up to every 1-2 hours as needed


    This is a DEET-free way to enjoy your outdoor activities and remain bug bite-free.   

    I found this recipe on Frugally Sustainable.

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