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  • Johnson & Johnson plans to phase out potentially harmful chemicals by 2015 - Babies around the world cheer!

    I was so excited to read a report that said Johnson&Johnson is going to reduce the amount of chemicals in their products by 2015. My sister-in-law just had a baby and we met him for the first time this past weekend in Phoenix. Reading this report gives me hope that we as a society might change our approach to personal care products. It gives me hope that natural organic skin care is our future, but it won't even need that label. It will just be skin care products and we will all know they are natural and organic. 

    "(CBS/AP) Johnson & Johnson says it will remove carcinogenic chemicals and other potentially harmful substances from nearly all its adult toiletries and cosmetic products worldwide within 3.5 years. The health care giant late last year pledged to remove "chemicals of concern" from its baby products sold around the world after being pressed to do so for more than three years by a large coalition of health and environmental groups. Groups at the time alleged chemicals found in products such as the company's popular No More Tears baby shampoo released the carcinogen formaldehyde. Johnson & Johnson told The Associated Press in an exclusive interview Tuesday that it remains on track to have baby products, including the shampoo, reformulated with safer ingredients by the end of 2013. Adult products will be reformulated by the end of 2015" as reported by CBS NEWS.


    According to the press release put out by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

    J&J has confirmed to the Campaign that it has set an internal target date of reformulating adult products by the end of 2015, and it will use safe alternatives when reformulating. It will:

    • Reduce 1,4 dioxane to a maximum of 10 parts per million in adult products;
    • Phase out formaldehyde-releasers in adult products;
    • Limit parabens in adult products to methyl-, ethyl- and propyl-;
    • Complete phase-out of triclosan from all products;
    • Phase out Diethyl Phthalate (DEP) from all products (no other phthalates are currently used);
    • Phase out polycyclic musks, animal derived ingredients, tagates, rose crystal and diacetyl from fragrances.

    We can all do our part to with our purchasing power to change the way companies manufacture their products and how we affect the environment.

    1. Avoid Antibacterial. After taking high school chemistry and biology, I pleaded with my mom not to buy antibacterial hand soap.  Even at that age I understood how we are all connected. I understood the potential for super-bugs that we could not treat with normal antibiotics. When we us antibacterial everything we not only build up our body's resistance but we also force bacteria to mutate into something else.
    2. Flee Fragrance. Fragrance is a word companies use to hide additional chemicals in their products. The FDA allows this labeling as a way for companies to protect their formulas and it is considered a trademark secret. However, there can be up to 400 chemicals in "fragrance," none of which they have to reveal. Many of these are harmful toxic chemicals.
    3. Read the Research. Environmental Working Group Cosmetic Database is an excellent resource to look up your personal care products and better understand how toxic or non-toxic they might be. You can look up safety ratings for products you use, as well as find alternative products that are safer.

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