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  • Toys that change the world and why I LOVE Tegu Blocks


    So, I just met my nephew Jack for the first time last night after arriving home from Honduras. Therefore, this will be a toy/global impact themed entry. 

    This falls into the category of products I love for so many reason.  Tegu is a company that not only makes amazing toys that your children can play with care-free, it's a company that cares.  

    They care about their impact on the environment:

    They care about their employees: 

    They care about their community:

    They offer premium products for your kids to play with without fear. There aren't a million tiny pieces they can lose. It taps into their creative side while avoiding more screenings in their life. I love these toys and have bought them for friends and family in the past. I highly recommend them not only because they are great toys but the context of Tegu is company on a mission to leave the world a better place then they found it. 

    Cindy, my beautiful friend and toy maker's wife, took me on a tour of the factory! I LOVE the smell of fresh-cut wood because it reminds me of my childhood. My father was always building something in the basement or garage. A bookcase, a shelf, a dresser, a fill-in-the-blank. He was a math teacher by trade but taught himself to be a master craftsman. I have a lovely dining room table because of that talent. Hence, I will always think of my dad when I smell fresh-cut wood and feel the the brush of sawdust particles on my skin.





    For more info: TEGU.COM

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