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  • My "hippie" remedies to help fight a cold

    Ah, the dreaded summer cold. Unfortunately this past week I have been suffering from the painful ramifications of one of these colds. I understand getting sick in the winter (due to the fact it's flu season and we stay indoors more) but in the summer?!

    I am not a doctor, nor do I claim this as actual medical advice. (**Please read legal disclaimer at the end of this post before trying any of these remedies.)

    I have read a lot and been to my share of natural doctors and these are a few things I have discovered along the way. I know some of them my seem silly or obvious but you'd be surprised at how often we forget them. 

    • REST - l know for most of you this seems impossible but it's really the number one thing your body needs when you're sick.
    • Fluids - Water, Hot Water with a quarter lemon wedge (the rind had good stuff in it so put the whole wedge in) and honey. I seriously don't stop drinking. It's like I can feel myself flushing the cold right out of my system. Try to stay away from juice. Most have a lot of sugar in them and sugar turns into mucous. 
    • Netti Pot - This is great for congestion. You can buy them at your local drugstore with per-packaged packets of salt. Make sure you use filtered water. Never use tap water. Try to get the temperature of the water around your body temperature (approx 98 degrees). If it's too hot or too cold it can sting. (Always read the directions on the box). I love doing this because it's a great way to flush the mucus out of your system and start breathing again.
    • Gargle with salt water - Simple and easy but so many of us forget. When you start to feel that sore throat coming on, just warm up some water and add a little salt then gargle with it.
    • Steam - Take a nice hot shower with lots of steam. It can help loosen things up so you can breath again. I like to sprinkle a few drops of eucalyptus oil on the floor of the shower to help open me up a bit more. Eucalyptus acts as a decongestant and has other beneficial medical properties.   
    • Steam 2 - Boil water, place it in a bowl with a few drop of eucalyptus oil and place a towel over your head and the bowl and breathe the steam. Be careful to breathe the steam slowly, you don't want to burn your nostrils. This is one of my favorite ways to fight colds, I feel like it works so quickly. (If you don't have eucalyptus oil you and just breath the steam.)
    • Honey - Honey is a great way to ease a cough. It can coat the throat and ease the pain of a cough or a sore throat. Honey has wonderful medicinal properties and acts as an antibiotic, antiseptic, antioxidant and has cleansing properties for your body and health.

    This is my base line defense for fighting a cold. The thing we find difficult in society today is actually taking the time and energy to do them. We want the fast solution, we want the quick pill, but often we aren't solving anything, we are just delaying the actual recovery time. The reason we get stuffy noeses and congestion is because our body is trying to flush the virus out of our system. Let your body do what it was designed to do while supporting its natural functions. I am also keenly aware that we need medicine from time to time and I am grateful for the advancement in research and technology that allows for the creation of antibiotics. But let's not abuse them. I had a sinus infection for too long, I tried all my usual natural remedies and nothing worked. After a long fought battle I turned in the towel and was grateful that my doctor could provide a prescription for antibiotics.  There is a good balance between natural home remedies that have been passed down through the ages and new emerging science and technology. Both can be beneficial and both have their limits.  It's up to you to find the balance. Peace and health to you!

    **The information provided in this website is for general and/or educational purpose only and is not intended to replace consultation with a qualified health care professional. For information on a specific medicine or for answers to your own particular health concerns, you should always consult with your doctor or pharmacist for their professional advice.
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