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  • Can being in nature make you a better person?

    I have been reading about the affects nature has on us. There have been some interesting studies about its positive effects on us as humans and why it's important to take a walk in the trees from time to time.  

    I came across this study by the University of Rochester. Not only can nature make us less stressed, it can actually make us better people. In the study, they found that people exposed to nature were more pro-social, they had better attitudes, were more generous, and were more in touch with their own values. 

    Benefits of being exposed to nature:

    • Stress reduction
    • Speeds recovery time for illness
    • Makes you more generous
    • Helps people be more pro-social
    So, to add a little stress reduction to your day, I am going to share some photos my husband took on his camping trip this weekend in the
    San Gorgonio Wilderness.

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