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  • Let the games gegin! (Olympics 2012 in London)


    I am not a huge sports fan, however, I LOVE when the Olympics roll around every two years! I love the tears that stream down the faces of the most hardened athletes when the gold metal is placed around their necks. I love hearing the incredible stories of so many men and women who have dedicated years of their lives to this one moment when they will either win it all or walk away with an incredible experience. I love the anticipation you feel when an athlete stands at the end of the diving board, when he takes his mark in the 100-meter dash, when she looks at her coach before she runs down the path and vaults herself sky high, when he is striving with every breath to maintain his slim lead in a race that spans 26.2 miles, and when she jumps off the block plummeting into the water, not knowing if this will be victory or defeat. There will be so many great moments in these upcoming games.  

    You might ask, how does this relate to skin care? It is a good reminder that exercise is a critical part the health of your body and the health of your body is critical to the health of your skin. I don't really care what you do, but move! Run, walk, swim, hike, jog, play basket ball go to yoga, do P90X, run in the yard with your kids, take the stairs rather than the elevator. It doesn't really matter what you do, but it's important to take care of your body. Being sedentary is not good for you.  

    Also, I am reminded that the choices we make today affect our tomorrow. Your future self might want to win a gold metal or lose 10 lbs, but your current self might want to sleep in or eat another donut. Live as much as you can as your future self. So often we choose our current self and the we choose instant gratification rather long-term satisfaction. I know it's true in my life, my current self is constantly in a fight with my future self. Choose to not hit snooze and go for a walk before work. Choose to eat a banana for breakfast rather than that muffin from Starbucks. Choose to have a heart of gratitude rather than selfishness and you will choose what is best.  

    Now let the games being! 

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