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  • First fruits of my labor (or as we normally refer to them - tomatoes)!

    Happy Tuesday all!!! I hope you are enjoying your summer as much and I am. My little garden has birthed its first tomatoes and I couldn't be more proud. Our friend Jeremiah (who is a master chef - seriously) was over Sunday night for cheese and wine, so we picked the ripe tomatoes and ate them with a dash of salt! So wonderful! Look for an entry from Jeremiah soon, with a some yummy recipes. He is the only reason I think I have any knowledge of cooking. Under the tutelage of Jeremiah and my friend Joceline I have learned the beauty of cooking. Thanks guys! Although I have to be honest, my first tomato came last week, but someone got to it before me!

    (See worm in upper right corner - he got to my tomato first!)

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    • Joceline says...

      Aw, thanks. Also, your tomatoes look great! We’ve had a few, but they’ve never made it in the house. The kids gobble them up right off the vine!

      On July 17, 2012

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