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  • Your skin wants clean water too!

     As it's a very rare rainy day in Los Angeles, I thought I would talk a little bit about water. 

    You may or may not know much about water filtration systems ( and there is a lot of info out there) but it's important to think about if you are drinking your tap water or bathing in it without a water filter. I won't get into the water debate in this post, but there can be many chemical contaminates in our tap water. We aren't even aware of them, all the while, we drink the water and shower in it. I would like to focus on one in particular -- chlorine.  

    Two ways CHLORINE affects us in the shower:

    • We can absorb it through our skin 
    • We can breath the fumes it creates when we take a hot steamy shower

    I am only focusing on the skin aspect in this entry, so let's look at what CHLORINE can do to our skin and hair.


    • Patchy dryness 
    • Acne
    • Irritation & itchiness
    • An imbalance of natural, healthy bacteria on the skin
    • Eczema or rashes
    Some of the long-term effects that I have read about are cancer and pre-mature aging. I'm not sure about you, but I don't want either of these for my skin!

    I live in an apartment here in Los Angeles, so I don't have the option to put in a whole house water filtration system (which I would LOVE). So, we have a water filter for our kitchen and then I have one I attach to our shower. I chose Aquasana, because of the most highly rated and it works perfect for my home. 

    This is a carbon filter, so you have to run the water for a bit to flush it. It will
    come out very black. Do not fear! Just follow the directions and it will run 
    clear pretty quickly.  

    Here is a diagram from Aquasans's site, explaining how it works. 

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