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  • Tips for a skin safe 4th of July

    Tips for a Skin Safe 4th of July:

    • Stay in the shade as much as possible
    • Wear clothes that cover your skin
    • Wear a hat and good UV-protecting sunglasses (can help prevent cataracts later in life)
    • Wear sunscreen if you will be out in the sun with exposed skin


    What are your 4th of July plans? My husband and I have an annual tradition of going to the Hollywood Bowl for the 4th of July celebration! This year we are going on the 3rd (tonight) with a few friends. We love summers at the Hollywood Bowl because we get to be out in the open air with our own picnic and a little wine while listening to the famous Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. 

    And of course we love the fireworks at the end!

    Tell us what your plans are for the 4th, we would love to know what you are doing to celebrate! 

    Happy 4th of July!

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