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  • 'In Defense of Food' and why it will help your skin

    What's the largest organ?  Your Skin

    How often does is regenerate? Every 27 days

    Why is this important? Because it's not just what we put ON our body that matters, but it's also what we put IN our body that matters. I know this is probably not new news to you, but it's a critical part of creating beautiful skin. Your body needs good material to work with in order to create new, healthy skin. 

    "In Defense of Food" is a great book by Michael Pollan who also authored "The Omnivore's Dilemma." His whole philosophy about food and nutrition can be summed up in three sentences. 

    1. Eat REAL FOOD
    2. Don't eat too much
    3. Eat mostly plants

    The concept is so simple and uncomplicated, however seems so difficult for many Americans to implement. I don't know about you, but over the years I have been overwhelmed by the flood of "nutritional" information that trickles through the media outlets. Eat more Omega 3, drinking coffee is bad, drinking coffee is good, eat right for your blood type, don't eat too many carbs, eat low fat foods. Did you know fat is a critical part of nutrition?  It just needs to come from REAL FOOD. Michael Pollan spends a great deal of time in this book defining REAL FOOD and I found it to both helpful and freeing. No longer was it important to eat the right type of fruit or vegetable for my blood type or worry about getting the proper amount of the latest nutritional fad. All I needed was to eat a diet of mostly plants and not worry about the rest. And since I love plants and there are so many we can eat, I found this to be completely freeing. 

    If you want to help your skin as it regenerates itself, start first by filling your belly with fresh fruits and vegetables. You'd be surprised at how much of an impact you can have on your health by simply adding more fresh plants to your diet. 

    Here is one of my favorite Summer Treats:

    Orange, Banana, Berry Smoothie 

    • 2 fresh squeezed oranges (use fresh organic orange juice if you don't have a juicer)
    • 1 frozen banana (organic - let the banana get very ripe before your freeze it for a very sweet smoothie) 
    • Fresh or frozen organic berries (my husband like strawberry, I like blueberry)
    • Blend in the blender and enjoy a fresh summer fruit shake! 

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    • Rachael Colling says...

      Love this! It is so true.
      I started having salad for lunch as opposed to a sandwich, and just that one small change in my eating habits left me feelings happier and healthier!!

      On June 29, 2012

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