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    We launched the site a week ago today and we have had an overwhelmingly positive response. I am excited for this new adventure and I am excited to see where it will lead. Thanks for all your support!  

    Now updates on my urban garden...

    I'm very excited to introduce the newest member of my urban garden to you. 

    Please meet Mr. Tomato! If you have been gardening for years, this might 

    not be as exciting to you, but I really love watching things grow. There is a beauty 

    in the fact that I am helping to bring life to this plant. And soon to my body,  

    through these yummy tomatoes. 

    The bountiful strawberry patch. I LOVE strawberries! No really - LOVE!  

    When I was a kid, my mom put post-it notes on strawberries in the 

    fridge that read something like, "Kristin, DO NOT eat these!" She know if I found

    them, they would all be gone. Every last one of them. So, now it's fun to watch

    my little patch grow into a lovely bouquet of red berries that are all for me! I 

    might share one or two with my husband. I said, "might." 

    And lastly my sage. I have to be honest with you, this is not faring as well.  

    See how it's shaped more like a Christmas tree? Well, until a few days ago,

    it had large full leaves coming off it, however, some sneakily little birds got 

    ahold of my flourishing spice plant. How do I know it was birds? We live on 

    the 6th floor and they left some messy signature white dropping to let me know!

    Well, I hope they enjoyed it! 

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