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  • How to apply Root Beauty's natural, organic moisturizer


    Here are some simple steps to making our organic moisturizer last longer 

    (and supply the best nourishment for your skin). 

    1. Wash your face with cleanser and then rinse with warm water. 

    2. Leave face wet. Literally dripping wet.

    3. Put several drops (around 3 to 5) in your hand.

    4. Rub your hands together to spread the oil throughout your hands.

    5. Pat your face with your hand to apply the oil evenly all over your wet face.

    6. Blot any excess water from your face with a towel. DO NOT rub your 

    face. Blot gently. 

    Now you can either retire for the night with fresh face or you can start your 

    day and apply any make-up as you normally would.

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    • Heidi Spencer says...

      This is awesome, Kristin! I’m so excited you are blogging/selling your research. Funny about the coconut oil… I have coconut oil in my BATHROOM right now and have been using it as a moisturizer on my skin (face and underarms) since Christmas. I bought it at our local health food store. It works wonderfully. You are SO right about taking chemicals out of our diet AND off our skin. Being a super sensitive skin girl, I’m going to try your products!! So excited about this!

      On June 27, 2012

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