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  • #1 chemical to avoid in all products!

    There are more and more studies being done about the various chemicals found in our personal care products (and cleaning products) and the findings are disheartening. EWG (Environmental Working Group) has started a data base to list and rate these chemicals based on their toxicity levels. I must admit, it can be totally overwhelming. There are so many ingredients in skin care products, even organic skin care products, that it can be difficult to figure out if the product you use is toxic or not.  

    The one easy way-to-remember, easy-to-find, number #1 chemical to avoid is FRAGRANCE!

    Why is it #1?

    1. It's easy to remember
    2. Companies can hide many toxic chemicals in the word FRAGRANCE
    3. FRAGRANCE formulas are considered to be trade secrets, so the ingredients are not required by law to be revealed
    4. There can be hundreds of ingredients in the word FRAGRANCE
    5. EWG rates FRAGRANCE as an 8 on there toxic scale of 1-10 (FRAGRANCE)

    I was sad to find out that some of my favorite products that I thought were
    "natural" and "organic" contained  many unwanted chemicals.  
    I discontinued using these products and the remainder went in the rubbish 

    If you have not heard of EWG or want to know more about the chemicals in the products you use, visit the EWG DATABASE for more information. 

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