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    For many years, I have been on a journey of natural organic simplicity. But my flower power is a little more city than rural commune. You might call me a bit of an urban hippie. 

    I have lived in Los Angeles for over a decade and love the city with all its quirks and diverse culture. For all the concrete jungle that surrounds us, there is still a subculture here that is seeking to get back to the basics of life. For us urban hippies, the fountain of youth just might be in our kitchen instead of in a jar of unpronounceable chemicals. 

    I started this journey buying organic produce and my husband has been a willing participant as we have cleaned our diet and our house of toxins. We are on a journey to simplify and get to the root of what life is all about. As pretentious as it might sound, it’s true. I don’t want to consume without being aware. I started by asking myself questions about the products I was using. What am I putting on my skin every day? Can I pronounce the ingredients listed on the back of the jar/bottle/container of my favorite products? Have they been tested on animals?

    The answers to these questions made me realize that I needed better products. I started making my organic natural skin care products in my kitchen because I couldn’t find simple organic products to purchase. Plato said, “Necessity is the mother of all invention” and it’s very true.  

    I became a kitchen chemist making skin care products for myself and soon I began sharing them with my friends and co-workers. The response was overwhelmingly positive. They encouraged me to sell the products, but at first I thought I wouldn't even know how to start. Thankfully they didn’t give up on me and thanks to this support, today I am offering you natural organic skin care products that contain ingredients you can easily read.

    Root Beauty is simple, yet superior, organic skincare products. I want to offer you an alternative to the toxic and chemical-laden products that are sold in stores across America. Your skin is your largest organ and I want to help you keep it beautiful and healthy. My organic products will nourish your skin. You can also be sure that they have never been tested on animals.

    Regardless of where you live, I encourage you to embrace your inner-urban hippie by getting to the root of your beauty. Check out our product pages where you will find natural, organic beauty solutions for your face, feet and skin.

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