Urban Hippie

  • Be an urban hippie, don't smell like one! Use our natural organic deodorant

    Are you tired of your natural deodorant failing halfway through the day? Are you tired of salt crystals not living up to their claims? Do you want a natural organic deodorant that actually works? Well, look no further. 

    Much like you, I was looking for something to prevent my 4 p.m. under arm hippie smell. I would spritz myself with body spray to reduce the odor, but it never worked. I would carry a stick of deodorant in my purse and reapply. But once the smell began there was not much I could to to cover it up. My only recourse was to shower. So I started experimenting in my kitchen with alternatives to chemicals. I used ingredients that were safe enough to eat.  

    My husband would joke that he was uncertain if I was baking or making my cosmetics. More than likely it was my cosmetics! I had finally found my domestic calling. Up until this point, my skills in the kitchen have been limited to simple food that doesn't require fire. Now the kitchen and I have become the best of friends.  

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